Die Menschheit, Fonix
Die Menschheit.

Fisc01[a/b], 4-track EP.

1- die, die, die
2- kitty cat love matt
3- weinen am nachmittag
4- woopascoopadooaloo

download it!!! (9.36 mb)


all music written and produced by seth 8/26-8/27/21. copyright belongs to nobody
thanks to benny, alex, the team behind openMPT, and whoever made my samples.
track 3 features dr. stylo on synth and seth on vocals.

run information:

fisc01- mp3 release, freely downloadable, infinite copies. 128kbps mp3 with cover attached.
fisc01a- run of 3. cd-r. one belongs to fonix, the other two at some point going out to friends.
fisc01b- run of 9. badly scratched cd-r. includes bonus track as apology for the badly scratched part. colored sharpie label, with printed jacket.
(we have to make a bandcamp to sell these, so it'll be a while. i don't like using bandcamp but i'm not asking for addresses and stuff so...)
fisc01c- run of 10. hypothetical cassette with full cover/inlay j-card. this will only happen if we get 120 dollars, which we won't